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Our Tagliatelle Pasta is a tribute to local traditions and includes some of the typical shapes from various Italian regions. It's amazing the variety of shapes that Italian's have given pasta with such humble tools and simple hand movements, giving us a taste of ancient rituals passed down over generations and reaching us unchanged. Our processing method allows us to produce only one type of pasta a day and in quantities that would be impractical for an industrial pasta factory, but ours is a choice of quality over quantity. We dedicate time, care and passion to our pasta. Today our pasta facility is located in Sant’Elia a Pianisi, a small village among the green hills of Molise, a region in central Italy, where agriculture is mainly dedicated to the cultivation of wheat.

Camp'Oro Le Regionali Italian Pasta with Truffle, Tagliatelle, 17.6 oz:
  • Tagliatelle artisanal pasta cut from Italy
  • Simple ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water, truffle 1%
  • No salt or artificial ingredients added
  • Air dried from 24 to 72 Hours
  • Cooks in 5-7 minutes
  • Italian artisanal pasta - durum wheat
  • Family Owned Small Batch Production
  • Product of Italy
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