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Since 1973, Fida has created high-quality, delicious candies that combine the tradition of Italian confectioners with the perfect amount of sweetness. Rossana Hard Filled Candies are a tradition in Perugia, Italy since 1926 and pay homage to Roxanne, the woman loved by Cyrano De Bergerac. Delicious hard candy surrounds a creamy center which has an unmatchable taste, a perfect balance of almond and hazelnut. Loved today by millions of Italians of all ages, Roassana Candies are a true taste of Italy.

About the product
  • Hard Filled Almond and Hazelnut flavored Candy
  • Natural Almond flavored, gluten-free hard candy
  • Famous recipe of the Italian Alps. Product of Italy
  • Same manufacturer of Perugina hard candies
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