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Primosale Pepato is a fresh sheep’s milk cheese with black pepper. It has a sweet and characteristic taste.
I Siciliani produces authentic and traditional cheeses, following the centuries-old experience of the shepherds; thus safeguarding the rich gastronomic, environmental and cultural heritage of the region. I Siciliani brings to the table products that represent the company, and the positive ideals of the land to share them with Italy and the rest of the World. The company sets itself apart with its enthusiasm and desire to create new solutions by offering experience in the development of partnership projects to bring value to all of its customers. The company cherishes its products, and remains faithful to its standards, while continuously trying to improve.

Recommended Use: The fresh ‘primosale’ cheeses combine a delicate taste with a surprising versatility that makes them protagonists of the table in all dishes, either alone or in combination with other

Product of Italy

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