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Add fresh cream to Mascarpiù for an exquisitely soft mascarpone cream, perfect for any kind of dessert: from mousses to Bavarian creams to the classic tiramisù.

With the new Fabbri Mascarpiù, it has become very easy to prepare an exquisite and soft mascarpone cream just add a little cream to the product and here is a perfect cream for every type of use.

WHITE VERSION dosage: 50 / 60g of Mascarpiù + 500g of cream. This recipe is perfect in combination with fruit, for example to make tiramisu with strawberry, peach, wild berries or to enrich cups of fresh fruit.

For classic Tiramisù: with Fabbri Pastovo (50 / 60g Mascarpiù + 500g cream + 100g Pastovo) OR with Top Zabaione Fabbri (60g Mascarpiù + 500g cream + 75g Top Zabaione) OR with Delipaste Tiramisù Fabbri (60g Mascarpiù + 500g cream + 50g Delipaste Tiramisù)

Ingredients: Sugar, food gelatin, modified starch, powdered milk, coconut oil, powdered egg yolk, corn starch, artificial flavors (milk), glucose syrup, sodium caseinate (milk). May contain coconut. Gluten Free.

Product of Italy

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