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From the Piave River in Veneto, Italy comes a full-bodied flavored cheese that intensifies with age.
Piave cheese is born from the cheese making traditions of the land surrounding the ancient river Piave; where the milk is also collected. The cheese flavor increases with age and makes this cheese absolutely unique.
There are two types of Piave, Mezzano has an intense full flavor and Vecchio is a hard compact paste. Mezzano is aged between 4-6 months where as Vecchio is aged for at least 12 months.
Piave is made from hard curd cow’s milk. The milk is first pasteurized and then the rennet is added in a large vat. It is then worked to form a paste and placed into molds. After this it is placed in a brine bath for 48 hours. Piave became a DOP cheese in 2010.

Recommended Use: Piave is smoother and milder and a fantastic cheese in its own right. Piave pairs well with nuts and fruit. It is a delicious snacking cheese but can also be shaved over polenta or pasta.

Product of Italy

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