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A triumph of crunchy hazelnut icing * enhanced and decorated with precious whole unpeeled almonds and a shower of sweet meringue nuggets. An exquisite icing for a new balance of sweet crunchiness: the intensity of the almonds and hazelnuts is expertly balanced by the sweetness of the small meringues, more delicate and crumbly than the classic white sugar grains. Soft sultana raisins inside the soft dough.

A hymn to greediness and the fullness of taste, which establishes a new reference point of goodness and elegance in the world of Glassati Carefully selected, distributed in abundance in the dough and on the shell, the individual ingredients blend with the experience and passion for good things that only those with a centuries-old and unique history can boast.

* Product obtained exclusively from 'IGP Piedmont Hazelnut'.

Made with Butter | 72 Hours of Leavening

Product of Italy

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