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Organic Tart Mix renders dough with the ideal consistency for tarts and biscuits. This mix is made with organic type 00 flour, giving the finished product a smooth texture. Just add 4.5 oz of butter, an egg, and the fruit jam and fresh fruit of your choice! Also try making savory tarts with goat cheese and spinach. 

Fast preparation: Add 125 g of butter, an egg, jam or fresh fruit. Bake to 170°C for 10/15 minutes.

Instructions for Pear Pie with Dried Fruit

1 pack of organic mix for pie and biscuits Molino Rossetto
125 g of butter
1 whole egg
400 g of organic pears
organic dried fruit
organic lemon juice

Distribute the mix on the table, put at the centre butter cut in pieces and the whole egg. Knead rapidly and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes envolved in some film. Roll the dough with a rolling pin and put on a cake tin and with a fork pierce the dough. Cut the pears in thin slices , distribute them on the dough and put some lemon juice. Add dried fruit in small pieces and distribute them on the surface. Cut the remaining dough in stripes of a centimeter width and decorate. Cook in the warm oven at 180°C for about 30 minutes.

Ingredients: Common wheat flour type 00*, sugar*. (*Organic). Leavening agents: sodium carbonates, salt, aroma. May contain soy, sesame seeds and milk.

About Molino Rossetto

The Mill history starts from the 1760. It's a story of tradition, passion and innovation. Flours, yeasts, mixes and grains...simple ingredients that make your recipes unique! Our passions...A tasty fragrant bread, the sweetness of a cake made with love, the tastiest pizza, cereals and biscuits for rich breakfast.

Made in Italy

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