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The best blends of Fino Aromatico cocoa (Criollo Blanco and Nacional Amendolado) have been used to create this utterly unique line of organic extra dark chocolate bar.

Single origin organic Ecuador 85% dark chocolate bar. A fine selection of Fino Aromatico - Criollo Blanco and Nacional Amendolado cocoa. Cultivated following the ancestral technique of the Chakra, calling for the presence of a diverse variety of tree species in the cultivar, Ecuador cocoa has a very aromatic intensity and aroma with toasted notes, as well as hints of nuts and Taggiasca olives. The cocoa is processed in pure form, without the addition of soy lecithin and vanilla. The 85% bar is part of the Single Origin Ecuador Line consisting of 3 different bars (100%,70% and 85%) and Napolitain chocolates (70% and 100%). Naturally gluten free.

Ingredients: Organic Ecuador Cocoa Mass, Organic cocoa butter, Organic cane sugar. May contain traces of: nuts, milk and soy.

Naturally gluten-free | 85% cocoa | Intense Flavor | Ecuador - Organic

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