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It is spicy, spreadable salami originating from Calabria. "Nduja" is spreadable like butter. Spicy, Tangy and Delicious. "Nduja" is a very versatile salami. It can be rendered and uses to make mayonnaise or vinaigrette. A dollop can add incredible umami flavor. Product is shelf stable. Refrigerate after opening.Pork, Peppers and sea salt.... Delicious simplicity.

Nduja Serving Suggestions

  • On bread or toast ~ Grill or toast slices of bread and spread ’Nduja on top. Eat on its own or complement with some cheese: fresh ricotta or burrata
  • With grilled, roasted or seared meat or fish ~ Warm and brush on right before serving
  • Pasta sauce ~ add as a base for great umami taste
  • With fried or scrambled eggs ~ Sauté some prosciutto cotto and add a little ’nduja to the pan. Crack in two eggs and fry until the whites are firm. Serve on hot toast for a filling, warming breakfast
  • Vinaigrette ~ render 3 Tbsp. ‘Nduja with 3 Tbsp. olive oil. Let cool or use warm. Whisk into vinegar to create a spicy vinaigrette

This Nduja is made in USA with Italian Recipe because is not possible import so far this kind of specialty.

This product is shelf stable. The product can be ship at room temperature.

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