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Shortbread cookies with flour buckwheat and brown sugar A Cookie Recipe Special Mulino Bianco , with the rustic flavor of the old recipes . Prepared with ingredients intact , buckwheat and sugar cane , Molinetti you treat for the texture of dense buckwheat flour milled coarse . Ideal for those who ... ... Loves to rediscover the pleasure every waking inimitable flavors true and authentic . 
... At the table prefers healthy and wholesome ingredients , carefully selected and harmonized with experience . 

Recipe to make them at home 
ingredients : 500g of flour 00 ; 80g of oatmeal ground ; 65g of buckwheat flour ; 140g of margarine ; 40g butter ; 120g brown sugar ; 90g caster sugar ; 1 egg ; 80g of fresh milk ; a packet of yeast ; a pinch of salt . Working margarine with sugar until creamy well mounted . Add all other ingredients leaving for latest flour, oatmeal milled and yeast . Work slowly until dough is smooth . Roll out the dough high 7 mm and cut the cookies with a stencil . Sprinkle with brown sugar crystals .

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