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Prepared for a red velvet, soft like velvet and red like love. Fresh ingredients to add: 140 g of butter, 3 eggs.


1 prepared for Red Velvet Molino Rossetto
140 g of butter (0 140 g of seed oil)
3 eggs
(we recommend that all ingredients are at room temperature)

Ingredients for the cream cheese (optional):
300 g of cream cheese
200 g of mascarpone
70 g of powdered sugar
200 g of cream

Pour the preparation for Red Velvet into a bowl, and add the soft butter and eggs. Mix the ingredients with the electric mixer for a few minutes, until the mixture is smooth and homogeneous.
Pour the mixture into the previously greased or oiled mold, cook for about 50 minutes in a preheated oven at 160 ° C if ventilated, or at 170 ° C with a static oven.
Once ready, let it cool. Excellent eaten alone or stuffed with cream cheese.

For the cream cheese.
Working the mascarpone with the cream cheese, it is very important that they are at room temperature. Once you get a smooth cream, add the sugar and finally the semi-whipped cream, mixing to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
So stuff the cake.

Ingredients: see the picture here attached. May contains soy, sesam seeds and milk.

About Molino Rossetto

The Mill history starts from the 1760. It's a story of tradition, passion and innovation. Flours, yeasts, mixes and grains...simple ingredients that make your recipes unique! Our passions...A tasty fragrant bread, the sweetness of a cake made with love, the tastiest pizza, cereals and biscuits for rich breakfast.

Made in Italy

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