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This cheese is produced from the highest quality Wisconsin cow’s milk and whey and boasts a fresh, clean flavor. With no preservatives added, each small batch is made to order, guaranteeing freshness. The clean, milky flavor is like no other, which establishes it as the finest ricotta cheese available.

Did you know BelGioioso Ricotta con Latte® has the same protein value as the leading greek yogurt, plus 5 times more calcium? Enjoy Ricotta con Latte® with fresh berries for breakfast or as a healthy snack.

About This Cheese

• Texture: Soft, creamy
• Flavor: Fresh, mild, milky
• Appearance: Small white curds of cheese
• Milk Source: Pasteurized cow's milk
• Aging: Fresh
• Gluten free
• rBST free
• Vegetarian
• Kosher certified
• All natural

Pair with pastas, soups, breads, honey, fresh berries, chocolate and nuts.

Serving Suggestions

• Incorporate into lasagnas, ravioli, cannoli and cheesecakes.
• Eat fresh topped with cocoa and sugar or honey, fresh raspberries
  and sliced almonds.

This Mascarpone is made in USA with Italian Recipe because is not possible import so far this kind of specialty. 

For safety reason to deliver the freshest product we use an express freight service to ship in 3 days to your Home.

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