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Brezzo beekeeping tangerine honey was born in Calabria where it is possible to find fairly extensive clementine crops to allow a collection of single-flower mandarin honey.

Very fine honey, coming from the coast of Calabria, specifically from the plain of Sybaris, the only place in Italy where there are extensions of mandarins and clementines which enable the production of a single-flower honey tangerine. The color is pale yellow, crystallizes very slowly, keeping long creaminess.

Pairing: Perfect honey for sweetening herbal teas, tea and other drinks, or excellent in the kitchen for the preparation of sweets and desserts.

Tasting: Sweet and delicate

Color: From pale yellow to ivory

Brezzo honeys come from wild flowers and trees growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering, decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. 

Ingredients: Italian Tangerine Honey

Product of Italy

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