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Sunflower honey differs from all other honeys by its beautiful bright yellow color. The main feature of this honey is certainly that it gives freshness to the palate. The aroma of this honey is not particularly marked, but it is recognized above all for a scent reminiscent of pollen and wax and for a moderately sweet flavor.

Honey produced in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna, bright yellow, golden. Faint aroma of sweet but intense. It crystallizes compact with coarse granules.

Pairing: Widely used in confectionery and the food industry. It goes perfectly with cheeses such as taleggio, raschera and toma.

Tasting: Medium sweet, of ripe apricots

Color: Yellow

Brezzo honeys come from wild flowers and trees growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering, decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. 

Ingredients: Italian Sunflower Honey

Product of Italy

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