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Orange honey is finely crystallized with soft crystals that give a pleasant melting sensation in the mouth. It has a very delicate aroma and flavor that recall the orange blossom flowers on which the bees have foraged.

Produced in Sicily and Calabria, light amber color, fragrant, crystallizes very quickly, very sweet, his taste reminiscent the rind of the fruit itself.

Pairing: We recommend combining it with cheeses from the area of origin such as Ragusa, caciocavallo. Excellent in pastry, for breakfast and as a sweetener in cold drinks.

Tasting: Sweet and delicate

Color: From straw yellow to ivory color

Brezzo honeys come from wild flowers and trees growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering, decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. 

Ingredients: Italian Orange Honey

Product of Italy

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