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Linden honey is distinguished from other types of honey thanks to its menthol aroma which is clearly perceptible both to the nose and to the taste. It is produced between June and July from the flowers of the wild lime trees and retains the natural properties typical of the flowers from which it comes.

Produced in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. Light in color, pleasant aroma and flavor with a strong and persistent reminiscent of the scent of the flower. It crystallizes slowly with coarse granules.

Pairing: Suitable for sweetening milk the evening before resting and hot herbal teas, it is recognized in this way as a relaxing and conciliatory action of sleep.

Tasting: Fresh, mentholated, balsamic

Color: From ivory to light beige

Brezzo honeys come from wild flowers and trees growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering, decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. 

Ingredients: Italian Lime Honey

Product of Italy

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