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Honey produced in Liguria and Tuscany. Amber color with orange toner. His scent and flavor reminiscent the caramel. It crystallizes in fine and regular way.

It has a dark amber color with orange hues that turns light brown when crystallized. It is very fragrant almost pungent spicy, with a woody, caramel aroma. Normally sweet with a strong, sharp, slightly bitter taste. Caramel and cocoa flavor. The aftertaste persists. It crystallizes quickly into a fine smooth texture.

Pairing: It is well matched with medium to strong cheeses, excellent with aged cheese.

Tasting: Caramel and cocoa flavor

Color: Dark amber

Brezzo honeys come from wild flowers and trees growing in unpolluted areas. Honey is then extracted by means of centrifugation. The following filtering, decanting and jar filling operations are important steps of the production cycle which is carried out naturally without resorting to thermal treatment. 

Ingredients: Italian Heather Honey

Product of Italy

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