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Traditionally, the tomato was cut into four sections, lightly salted and stored in recycled glass jars. Today, we utilize the same manufacturing process while maintaining the peel which makes the tomato richer in taste. This product is ideal to flavor a fish dish or pizza or to be enjoyed as is on a slice of toasted bread.
A Beautiful Story
Stories of women who are different from each other, by age, character and sensitivity.
Here comes an unpredictable harmony, a great passion to make known and experience the good and the beautiful, continuing the TRADITIONS of our LAND. There is a desire to do something new. Following the TRADITIONS with our TOMATOES, we want to make possible the experience of feeling ... HOME! We get angry but we are proud of that STUBBY DESIRE that we see in the other to do well. It is really nice to work with women. FROM THE LAND OF APULIA PEOPLE, PERFUMES, FLAVORS, the scent of tomatoes tells of a scent that seems distant but totally familiar. Scent of summer, of freshness, of families gathered for the “SAUCE RITUAL ". The genuineness of the products of the earth and the work of men reminded people that eating is not just about nourishment but is above all a life experience in which everything is inside: the fatigue of work, the wonder of the rhythms of the seasons and the gifts of nature, the gratitude for the fruits received, the pleasure of being able to share them with those we LOVE.

Ingredients:  Fresh Tomatoes, Salt.
Product of Italy
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