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The big secret we wish to share with you is the use of the highest quality ingredients, the natural and slow riasing of the dough, the handmade processing with thin strips of dough stretched by hand one by one from our women, and the slow baking. This special recipe makes our breadsticks crispy and golden, with the same flavour and genuinesse of those made more than 150 years by our great-great granfacther "Giacomo".

Country of origin: Italy

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Olive Oil 10%, Salt, Malted Grain Flour, Brewer's yeast.

Allergens: Not suitable for Gluten intolerants. May contain traces of sesam and milk.

They have a rich taste and delicate aroma, perfect for all occasions: as a snack, with soup, dip, spread or cheeses.

Natural breakage may occur during transit.

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