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The native people in Naples, Italy were experts at making Pasta by hand (and feet) long before they began making today’s Pasta by machine. Back then, the local pasta maker in Naples simply sat at a work table and kneaded the dough with his feet. Wasn’t a glamorous profession, but resulted in wonderful Pasta. One of the kings of Naples, King Ferdinand II decided that there must be a more efficient way of making Pasta and commissioned a nearby engineer to develop a machine that would both knead and cut the Pasta. After the Pasta making machine was perfected, Pasta making moved out of the home and into the factory. One of the main factors that makes Naples the ideal location for Pasta-making is its climate…just the right balance between temperature and humidity. The climate there is just dry enough to prevent mildew from forming on the Pasta and yet not so dry that the Pasta cracks during the drying process. And that is the reason Naples is Italy’s Pasta making center, hence the Italian name L’Oro Del Sud (Southern Gold).
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