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Polifemo is the first pressing of typical and rare olive cultivar “Tonda Iblea”, which is cultivated in the hilly area of Chiaramonte Gulfi, the heart of south-eastern Sicily. The olives are collected in advance of maturity, usually between early October and November. The aroma has a hint of cut grass, tomato and artichoke, with mild and balanced feeling of spicy, sweet and bitter.

Great for soups, vegetables, salads and fish dishes. The low acidity (0.1%) and the powerful vitamins and polyphenolic structure makes it suitable for regular use in all diets.

The ingredients of the oil strengthen the cell membrane contrary to the attacks of the “free radicals”. Thus, aging is slowed. In addition, your oil inhibits the development of thrombosis. The intake of olive oil may reduce the risk connected with heart attacks. The phenols in the olive oil combat inflammation in the entire body, which are responsible for joint disease and asthma. The development involving tumor cells is suppressed. Eating better with olive oil has been shown to lower berth blood sugar levels. In liver-colored diseases olive oil winding can cause a conditioning of the liver activity.

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