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Fabbri’s Delipaste flavouring pastes are fruit purées and cream pastes, which guarantee total efficiency for your pastry-making. The small format makes them ideal for the pastry chef. Their fluid texture makes them easy to use, with optimal yields for all of your recipes. Delipastes meet the highest hygiene and quality requirements, making them ideal for cakes and frozen desserts.

Ideal for flavoring gelato, ice-cream, sorbet, batters, creams, frostings, mousses, pastries, bakery items, savory dishes, drinks, ganache and candies.

 Gluten Free

Suggestion for use: 80/100 grams of product per litre of mix (10/16 oz per gallon).

Ingredients: glucose syrup, amaretti (sugar, apricot kernels, egg whites, lactose (milk), sodium caseinate (milk), ammonium bicarbonate, artificial flavors) water, caramel color, natural and artificial flavors, pectin. May contain traces of milk, egg, peanut, soya and other nuts.

Product of Italy

Amaretto Mousse Recipe

What you need: Cream 500 g - Pannamousse 35 g - Pastovocrem 40 g - Amaretto Delipaste 50 g

Preparation: Mix the cold cream with Pannamousse to rehydrate. Add the Pastovocrem. Semi whip the mixture in the planetary mixer. Add the Amaretto Delipaste to the mixture a bit at a time, stirring from the bottom to the top (if necessary, heat the Amaretto Delipaste
in the microwave).
Assembly the cake: Pour the Amaretto mousse into the mold. Close with the almond dacquoise and shock freeze. Take the cake out of the mold and glaze with Neutral Nappage heated to around 35-40 degrees. Cut into slices and garnish.

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