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According to tradition, Cotechino Modena first appeared in 1511 in Mirandola (Modena). Pre-cooked Cotechino Modena is a deli meat product made from a mix of top quality pork, lean and fatty cuts, and pigskin from pigs born and bred in Italy. Then it is seasoned with natural flavourings and spices, filled in casings and tied by hand at both ends. 

A special process for pre-cooking and draining is used, to preserve the products’ organoleptic features and to eliminate most of the liquid before vacuum packing. The product is then stabilized with a second cooking process. The result is a pre-cooked product of superior quality, which has a long shelf-life at room temperature. The mix is typical and delicately flavoured.

For consumption, simply plunge the bag in a pot full of water, bring water to boiling and let boil for 20 minutes. 

This gastronomic specialty has a rich and slightly spicy taste, full of aroma.
When cutting, slices look rosy red and compact.

This product is shelf stable. The product can be ship at room temperature.

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