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Chestnut Honey is for the serious honey lover: dark, dense, and bitter with woody aromas of hay and bark, and a strong tannic finish. It’s loaded with pollen, mineral salts and tannins, and very low in acidity which gives it its unique pungency. Its bold flavor is matched by a rich dark brown color reminiscent of molasses.

To enjoy Chestnut Honey, serve it as an accompaniment to fresh cheeses (like Stracchino or Ricotta), over ripe blue cheeses (like Gorgonzola), or drizzle over Pecorino Cheese and sliced fresh pears. It is also ideal in or on gelato: substitute Chestnut Honey for sugar in a basic vanilla gelato recipe or drizzle over vanilla ice cream for a stunning flavor contrast. Try featuring it in a meaty main—drizzle over porchetta, or use as a glaze for any grilled or roast chicken, duck or pork.

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