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Originating from the area after which it is named, the Asiago high plateau, characterized by rich soil and excellence pastures. It is made from whole cow’s milk and thus, has a higher fat content than other Asiago cheeses. After being stored in small vats for between 6-12 hours, the curd is placed into special molds. It is within these molds that the cheese receives the DOC mark and is later salted by immersion in brine or dry-salted with kitchen salt.
The DOC guarantee (literally “Protected Origin Control”) is a system of control of origin and quality recognized throughout the world. In addition to the DOC, the cheeses are marked with the stamp of the Association for the Protection of Asiago. This association provides cattle-breeders and farmers who transform milk with technical advice for maintaining high-quality standards. Their certification mark includes province initials, farmhouse numbers, and the word Asiago, all marked on the cheese sides so as to prevent consumers from confusing it with other similar cheeses.
The ripening time is only 30-40 days, which brings about Asiago Fresco’s more delicate taste. The finished product can get up to 6 inches high, with flat sides that are 12-14 inches in diameter. The cylindrical shaped cheese has an average weight of 14 kg. The inner paste is typically compact, gran-ular with small-medium sized eyes scattered throughout and is straw colored.

Recommended Use: This fresh, young cow’s milk cheese has a mild, sweet flavor. Asiago Fresco is perfect for sandwiches or snacking, and is great with wines like Gewurtztraminer and Riesling, , Pinot Noir and more.

Product of Italy

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