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The term amaretto refers to a type of pastry made ​​with almond paste , made ​​with sugar, egg white , sweet almond and bitter almond and apricot seeds .

It was probably invented by the Arabs and from the Mediterranean basin , especially from Sicily, passed later in the culinary traditions of the Normans, Spanish, French. Pilgrims and convents he assured the spread, made ​​easier by the fact that the cake is not perishable.

Of this sweet are primarily two different versions: the macaroon type Saronno , crunchy and crumbly, and the macaroon type Redwing , softer and more similar to marzipan . Both have a rounded shape, as a small cap, and the surface cracked.

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Michael L.
United States

My recent order

I order two boxes of Amaretti Italian cookies (Biscotti) by Supremo Italiano - 35.3 oz. You sent two boxes in one package. Then a few weeks later you sent two more boxes in one package. I did not order the second two boxes. When I notified you, you said you couldn't take them back. However, you could give me a credit. That is wrong. You made the mistake, not me. I ordered and paid for two boxes. You sent four boxes and charged me for them. I want a refund for the two boxes sent that I did not order. Not a $25 coupon on my next order. A refund for the two boxes I did not order. Your invoice even said two boxes were ordered and two boxes were enclosed in the first order. Why you tried to say the second order I had ordered escapes me, except you wanted to make the mistake and give a credit. That is the only logical explanation. You, as far as I am concerned, care zip about customer satisfaction. Michael Looman