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Millefiori, which literally means a thousand flowers, is also known as wildflower honey. While this just might be the perfect everyday.  This small-batch, organic golden honey has a smooth, mild flavor that is infused with a pure, natural sweetness. Its soft, ambrosial taste will elevate any breakfast or dessert.

The Millefiori honey (“multiflower honey”) comes from a variety of flowers, which reunite all the healthy properties from the different botanical species. The harvest period influences the color because the flora from which the bees take the nectar differs on a monthly basis.

It is important to underline that each single region or production area produce Millefiori Honey with totally different and unique characteristics and peculiarities, thanks to the strong and symbiotic bond between territory and beehive.

Foodpairing: Ideal for breakfast with bread and butter or as an appetizer with some strong cheese and jams.

Properties: Millefiori honey has several different properties thanks to the presence of a lot of pollens coming from many different botanical species. It is a good diuretic, it helps reduce mucus and relieves from rheumatisms and neuralgias. It also fights liver obstructions and it is particularly recommended against a cough.

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