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Nought is one of the most popular Italian eatables to have in the country. Now, you can experience the traditional Italian nougat taste while sitting on your couch. Italian Food Online Store brings you some tasteful nougat products from Italian regions known for producing the delicious dessert.

Vergani Italian nougat at Italian Food Online Store is a nougat product produced in Italy using the region’s traditional recipes. Vergani Italian nougat candy is a crunchy mini-nougat made of either almonds or almonds and hazelnuts. It’s a sweet and soft bar that is usually consumed by Italians as a Christmas dessert. However, the candy can be enjoyed any day to taste the traditional Italian nougat taste.

Soft mini-nougat with Almonds & Hazelnut and Crunchy mini-nougat with Almonds by Vergani are the most popular nougat products by the Italian brand. Italian Food Online Store gets these products from the brand’s facility in Italy and offers them to customers in different regions of the world.

Christmas nougat candy by Vergani is a delicious candy made using traditional methods that date back to 1881. Buy Vergani nougat online at Italian Food Online Store now!