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Explore Some Exciting Varieties of Veggie Spreads from Italy

Italian cuisine has given us some amazing flavours that are simply incomparable with any other country’s recipes. Their world-class food processing and native cooking techniques are unique, healthy as well as full of excitement in every bite. Who knew before Italias that vegetable spread can also be utilized as an alternative to butter and other hydrogenated fatty oils? You must have read about vegetable spreads in various savoury Italian recipes or even tried. How about trying the spreads sourced directly from the food processing houses of Italy? It is now possible with the help of italian Food Online Store. Our online portal is currently supplying 5 different types of veggie Italian spread options. Please check out what you get today from us.

You can order veggie spreads from three different brands right now including Borgo de' Medici, CalabriaMia and Asaro. If you are preparing a crostini recipe, use Bruschetta Italiana Spread for Crostini by Borgo de' Medici. You can try this spread on grilled or baked meats, poultry, baguettes, eggs or grilled bread. Even with creamy cheese, it can be served an appetizer. For a tangy tomato flavour in your dish, try Bruschetta Classica Spread for Crostini by Borgo de' Medici. Olive lovers have 3 different treats including Organic Castel Vetrano Olive Spread Jar (190 grams) by Asaro, Black Olive Spread Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil by CalabriaMia and Organic Castel Vetrano Olive Salad Jar (190 grams) by Asaro.

Grab as much as you can right now and check whether your location is eligible for free delivery or not. Along with spreads, we are also among the largest online suppliers of sauces, creams and various native Italian food products. Please feel free to contact us if you need advise about the right selection.