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Shop For Vegan Italian Food

If you’re looking for vegan Italian food near you and are having a hard time, our Italian grocery store online has authentic vegan products that have been imported from Italy. A lot of times, when you go into an Italian restaurant, there are only a few options for vegan products. For example, the pesto is usually not vegan friendly because it contains cheese. That’s why we have made sure to cater to all the vegans

How do vegans eat in Italy?

We know that Italy is mostly viewed as a heavy meat-eating society, but there are so many ways vegans can enjoy Italian food without any animal products. People who are of the plant-based persuasion can enjoy the Bruschetta al pomodoro, pasta with hot pepper and garlic, pasta and bean soup - also known as Pasta e fagioli, Caponata which is an eggplant, tomato, olive dish, vegan tiramisu, vegan lasagne, Minestra di verdure translated as vegetable soup. There are countless vegan options. Even pizza can be vegan!

Is Italian pasta vegan?

Definitely! Our store actually carries lots of options for vegan pasta! Apart from our regular Italian pasta which is mostly vegan, we have some specialty vegetable infused organic pasta, as well! Imagine eating pasta - infused with organic vegetables and antioxidants and with added nutrients packed with powerful minerals! Other than, most of our spaghetti, penne, lasagna sheets etc are vegan-friendly. We even have Italian flourfor you to make your own pasta or home-made vegan pizza!

So we are proud to offer the likes of the following Italian products: Mutti Baby Roma Tomatoes, Organic Sicilian Black Olives Spread, Organic Vegan Soup Stocks, Vegan Egg Replacer, dessert products by Fabbri, Porcini Mushroom stock, Tomato Pastes by Agramonte and much more! We even have vegan cookies!