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You must be an Italian food admirer if you love anchovies. These are among the very common fishes available all over the world but only Italians know how to make them special. If you want to experience the authentic taste of Italy, there is no need to search for an authentic restaurant. You just need a reliable recipe and gourmet anchovies of Talatta.

The Talatta company is specialized in processing true Gourmet Mediterranean Anchovies for various recipes. These anchovies fillets are immersed in pure olive oil to maintain a distinctive flavor whenever you open the jar. The anchovies of Talatta are specifically sourced from Sciacca of Sicily. Along with olive oil, sea salt of the Mediterranean is also a secret ingredient that keeps their anchovies fresh for a long time.

If you want to order these high-quality fishes, we recommend visiting the Italian Food Online Store at once. Here you can expect gourmet Italian baskets of Talatta containing 3.3 oz of anchovies. For preserving flavors and extending shelf life, the company is selling its anchovies in glass jars. Order now at an attractive discounted price.