Have you ever tried Italian cooking cream for preparing authentic dishes like Steesciamella and various other cream sauces? If not, this is the time to give a new flavor and texture to your same monotonous dishes. The renowned Italian food company Sterilgarda is introducing Panna Cooking Cream in 200ml packing. It is an authentic food product of Italy meant for preparing dishes with delicate flavors. The shelf-stable cream comes with consistency in texture that you particularly search in cream sauces.

Sterilgarda is basically a dairy products company where you can expect a wide range of lactic products such as skimmed milk, whole milk, lactose-free milk and partly skimmed milk. Apart from dairy products like Sterilgarda Panna da Cucina, you can also expect some traditional Italian foods such as ricotta, straki, mascarpone and flavored yogurts. Health-conscious people can also try freshly squeezed fruit juices for a perfect start of the day. This company has recently completed 50 years of producing excellent Italian food products in 2019.

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