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Bring some sweetness to your life with some awesome options like hard candies, gummies, jellies and nougat Sperlari candy. Sperlari is one of the most popular brands in Italy known for authentic sweets.

Sperlari is holding a vast experience of 180 years in manufacturing some of the best quality candies in Italy. Basically, all of their products are divided into four different categories including nougat, candies, torrenting and mustard. Yes, they are also selling mustard enhanced flavors with colors of summer. In the nougat section, their products are further divided into three categories including classic nougat Sperlari candy, Morbidelli and Zanzibar hazelnuts. Torrone is also available in multiple variants with amazing flavors apart from a classic like Zanzibar hazelnuts and dry fruits.

If you love candies, never miss the chance of trying countless flavor fusions like Fruits of Forest, Liquorice & Fruit Flavors, Club Menthol & Eucaliptus and Fruit, Milk, Chocolate & Coffe Filled. All of these variants are easily available at our Italian Food online Store. Halloween is coming and this is the right time to fill your cart with all flavors of candies. Never forget to take advantage of free delivery and complementary packs offers.