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Sparkling drinks are something different from artificially carbonated beverage drinks. Their fizziness comes with natural minerals that produce a distinctive taste that you cannot expect anywhere else. Sparkling water from different sources has a different flavor. Nowadays, many companies are infusing fruit flavors in them and reduce bitterness for a better experience. The problem is, we cannot find sparkling water as conveniently as other carbonated drinks in the market. The only solution is ordering online from authentic sources. How about importing a case of San Pellegrino blood orange or lemon flavor sparkling water directly from Italy? Yes, it is possible if you are ordering from our Italian Food Online Store. We are among the most reliable online suppliers of Italian food products from various native brands at affordable rates. In the section of Italian sparkling soda, we have some exciting flavors to serve you. Scroll down to check which of them you can buy from us.

Currently, we are supplying sparkling water from two renowned brands i.e. A Siciliana and San Pellegrino. If you are looking for a drink with added flavors, try San Pellegrino flavored water options. A Siciliana is the most suitable brand Here you will get the options to choose from Blood Orange Sparkling Soda Can from Sicily (330 ml) by A Siciliana - 11.15 fl oz, Lemon Sparkling Water Soda Can from Sicily (330 ml) by A Siciliana, Sparkling Lemon Soda Bottle from Sicily (1 lt) by A Siciliana, Blood Orange Sparkling Soda Bottles from Sicily by A Siciliana and Lemon Sparkling Soda Bottles from Sicily by A Siciliana - 6 X 6.75 fl oz.

If you want plain sparkling italian water, go with the option of San Pellegrino Premium Sparkling Water - Case of 24 Bottles. We also supply wines and beers in our beverage section. Please explore our website to know more.