Spaghetti Pasta

Witness the Authentic Taste of Spaghetti Pasta by Native Brands

Linguine recalls the famous Ratatouille movie and its cutest mouse chef character. If anyone can cook, why can’t you? Pasta noodles aka spaghetti are among the most demanded dishes from Italian cuisine. You must have tried it in the restaurants but we are giving an opportunity to cook at home! Order spaghetti online from our online portal of original Italian food products. We are currently supplying the spaghetti noodles of Gentile and De Cecco brand in different packaging. Let’s explore what you can order from here today.

From the house of De Cecco, you can buy spaghetti noodles in three different variants including Linguine Pasta from Italy by De Cecco, Linguine Fini Pasta from Italy by De Cecco and Linguine Pasta with Spinach from Italy by De Cecco. You can get them in the packing of 1 lb and 12 oz. Also, we have two variants of Italian spaghetti pasta from the famous Gentile brand including Linguine Pasta di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile and Linguine Pasta Bulk di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile available in 1.1 lb and 6.6 lb. Check the variant type and match with your recipe before placing the order. Linguine the traditional Italian spaghetti is one of the oldest pastas that has a long history of around 4000 years and basically originated in Campania, Italy. Search for the authentic Italian recipes online to prepare it in native style. If you need Italian spices or other ingredients, please explore other sections of our website or contact our customer support representative for better help in the shopping. We can help in choosing the right ingredients according to your recipe. Don’t forget to check out the awesome free gifts we are offering on bulk orders. Stay safe, Happy Shopping! Also, you can visit our recipes section and try cooking delicious dishes at home!