Semolina Flour

Best Semolina Flour For Pizza and Other Italian Baked Goods

The different consistencies of wheat flour made it necessary for all the various names such as all-purpose flour, 00 flour and semolina. The organic semolina flour has a reputed name in Italian fusion because of its multi-purpose use. Unlike 00 flour, it is coarse and suitable for making foods like pasta, pizza, various Italian breads and even other cultural cuisine like "upma".

In many regions of Italy, this gluten-protein flour is specifically meant for making sweet dishes. It is a gluten flour with high protein with a high gluten content which gives it that perfect texture for pasta making.

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Right now, we only have two variants of this high protein content flour: Antimo Caputo Semolina Flour and Molino Grassi Semolina Flour. The Italian Semolina Flour (Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata) by Antimo Caputo is suitable for making every Italian bakery product ranging from Pizza bread to dessert. The Antimo Caputo Flour Semola Di Grano Duro Rimacinata (Italian Semolina Flour) by Antimo Caputo and Organic Durum Wheat Semolina Flour by Molino Grassi made up of hundred percent hard durum flour wheat. This company has a long history of making durum semolina since 1934. The wheat seeds are preserved in the best climatic conditions to process the finest grade of Pizza flour.

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