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Italian Food Seasonal Specialities

Here at the Italian Food store, we have speciality foods for different seasons. When Christmas comes around, we are prepared for your Italian family get togethers with a fully stocked supply of Italian Christmas Cakes like Pannetone Cake, Gluten free Panettone cake, Classic soft Pandoro. Not only do we have cakes, but we also carry traditional Italian candy and sweets such as Traditional Italian Torrone Nougat - shaped like a Christmas tree!

Italian Sweets

Where to buy Italian candy and cakes that will satisfy your sweet tooth? HERE! We know that a lot of Italian families want to continue the tradition of authentic Italian cuisine because even though you are no longer living in Italy, Italy is still living in you! For this reason, we make sure that our store has all the essential Italian desserts that are celebrated during different seasons. For example, imagine taking a bite of our chocolate cream filled Colombo Easter cake! Or how about pairing your coffee with some delicious lemon cream filled cake? Our soft Almond Nougat with Limoncello is bound to bring joy and happiness to your Italian guests.

Don’t stop here! We have so many choices when it comes to buying authentic Italian food products. Be sure to check out all the other collections we offer.