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Authentic Italian Online Seafood Store - Mixed Seafood And Mexican Tuna Salad Available Now!

Though Calabash is known as “seafood capital of the world”, there is also no match for the Italian seafood. Italy has 5000 miles of coastline. This is the reason why Italians have the most succulent seafood dishes. Italian cuisine is not all about the different types of pasta, tomato sauces and pizzas. You have plenty of dishes for your Italian seafood party. Italian Seafood Products by Silano: A fine selection of Mullet, Seafood salad, Baby Squid, Baby Octopus, etc.

Explore our collection and buy seafood online. You can shop all-Italian seafood ingredients at discounted rates. Our exclusive range of products includes Anchovies Fillets by Flott, Anchovies in Olive Oil with Capers Jar by Savini, Anchovies in Olive Oil with Chili Peppers Jar by Savini, Anchovies in Olive Oil with Dried Tomatoes Jar by Savi, Anchovies in Olive Oil with Garlic & Parsley Jar by Savini - 2.82 oz., Anchovies Paste by Scalia, Fillet of Anchovies in Olive Oil Jar (Acciughe 90 gr.) by Agostino Recca, Marinated Baby Octopus from Italy by Silano, Marinated Baby Squid from Italy by Silano, Marinated Mixed Seafood Salad from Italy by Silano, Marinated Octopus Pieces from Italy by Silano, Marinated White Anchovy Fillets from Italy by Silano, Rio Mare Tuna Fish Imported From Italy, Salted Whole Anchovies by Agostino Recca, Solid Light Tuna in Pure Olive Oil by Flott, True Gourmet Mediterranean Anchovies (Acciughe) by Talatta and many more.

From olive oil packed agostino recca anchovies with a rustic and dense texture to Mexican Tuna Salad made up of delicious vegetables and spices and high quality pink Tuna, we deliver you the finest quality of seafood and seafood ingredients. You can use these ingredients in a wide range of Italian seafood recipes you always want to try. While your taste buds are satisfied with the deliciousness, your body reaps the health benefits of a boatload of nutrients found in Italian seafood.

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