Sea Salt

Coarse Medeterrarian Sea Salt for Native Italian Savoury Dishes

The coarse salt of Mediterranean sea is one of the secrets why Italian savoury dishes are so distinctive. Apart from adding iodized free flow salt while cooking, they also sprinkle coarse sea salt in the end to spread the flavour. Whether it is traditional pizza or stuffed lasagna, brands like SoSalt sea salt always remain the integral parts recipe. Only the Mediterranean sea has a special environment for producing such kind of fine quality coarse salt. However, it is not a feasible approach to visit the Mediterranean sea just for bringing the sea salt. Therefore, the Italian Food Online Store is assorting all popular variants on the website for sale. On this multi-brand store, you will find sea salt supplied by two renowned native Italian companies.

SoSalt and Fior di Maiella are two renowned names of Italian sea salt suppliers throughout the world. We have a collection of 6 different types of sea salt online. This list includes Coarse Sea Salt by SoSalt, Fine Sea Salt in a Plastic Dispenser by SoSalt, Salt Grinder | Truffle Flavored Sea Salt by Fior di Maiella, Coarse Sea Salt in a Plastic Dispenser by SoSalt, Salt Grinder | Porcini Mushrooms Flavored Sea Salt by Fior di Maiella and Salt Grinder | Crystal of Sea Salt by Fior di Maiella.

From small to large packings, you can buy sea salt online in different quantities. Not only plain but we also have flavoured salt options to stimulate your taste buds with a twist. We are supplying some products with salt grinders to simplify your task of cooking. Assort the right type of salts according to your recipes and checkout with attractive discount offers. Happy shopping!