Make your food tastier with Scalia anchovy paste! Made with quality Scalia Italian anchovies, the tube of anchovy paste can be a useful ingredient in the kitchen to boost the flavor of gravies, sauces, and a range of other food items.

In the form of Scalia paste, the brand gives you an opportunity to discover the Mediterranean taste and get the flavors of Italian anchovies online. Anchovies are the main ingredients of the Scalia paste.

Founded in 1973, Scalia Fishing was started in Sicily’s Sciacca Thermae by Benedetto Scalia. Sciacca Thermae, a province located on the southwestern coast of Sicily, is famous for its fish population. This ensures that Scalia uses fresh fish and top-quality ingredients to make the delicious paste.

Scalia offers its popular product around Scalia anchovies in Italian cities and other parts of the world. Its top priority is Guarantee of Quality. In addition to traditional recipes to prepare the Scalia anchovy paste, the company incorporates traditional methods with modern techniques to make quality products.

Italian Food Online Store offers genuine Scalia products at a cost-effective price. They are imported from the brand’s facility in Italy and supplied all over the world.

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