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Taste one of the oldest cheeses whose roots belong to recipes from the Roman countryside! Savello offers the best Italian cheese made using a traditional cheese recipe. Italian Food Online Store offers quality Savello cheese made of 100% sheep’s milk. The Italian product is known for its definite aroma and a slightly sharp but mild taste.

Traditions of Savello Asiago Cheese date back to around two thousand years. Made of Mediterranean sheep’s milk, the product is cured with salt. The delicious cheese is a rich source of protein and vitamin A. In addition, it provides a huge portion of daily calcium requirement.

At Italian Food Online Store, customers buy Savello Italian cheese online at a cost-effective price. There is a wide range of Savello products that come directly from the brand’s facility in Italy and shipped to customers’ doorstep as soon as possible to make sure they get fresh cheese products.

The different types of Savello cheese products at Italian Food Online Store can be used to make a variety of products. For example, Montasio cheese serves as an excellent ingredient to make fried cheese or friko.

Order your Savello cheese and experience the great taste of the Roman countryside.