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Buy Italian Spices Online like Coarse Sea Salt or Fine Sea Salt

Spices and herbs have been playing an important role in food preparation since ancient times. When you are learning to cook, you have to learn about spices and herbs as well. And, if you have cooked several different Italian cuisine, you might have noticed that you have used some Italian salts and species in all dishes. You cannot cook a flavorful dish without these spices. In fact, the most important element in Italian cooking is spices and herbs.

Today you will learn about the most commonly used Italian herbs and spices.


This is the most used herb in Italian cuisine. The fresh, bright flavor of basil is ideal for tomatoes, cheese and balsamic for making Caprese salad. You can use both fresh and dried basil. It is antibacterial as well.


This herb gives the pungent, spicy flavor when dried. Oregano is used in Sicilian and Italian dishes. It is used in all tomato-based pasta sauces.


You can buy fresh rosemary from an online spices store or you can also grow by yourself. This herb is often used when roasting meats. This herb gives a peppery, woody taste to your dish.


Coming from the mint family, thyme is used in a variety of dishes throughout the Mediterranean. You can use it fresh and dry as well.


This is one of the most used herbs in Italian cooking. You cannot find a soup, pasta or sauce recipe in which parsley is not used. It comes with lots of vitamins and minerals.


Sage is anti-inflammatory and also aids in digestion. It is used in risotto, gnocchi, ravioli and other pasta dishes. You can use sage with brown butter and butternut squash.

Bay leaves

Flavor soups, stocks and stews, pickled vegetables and braised meats and there are many other dishes in which dried bay leaves are used.

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