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Organic Risotto Rice Stuffed With Mushroom and Veggies

Risotto is a native signature dish of Italian cuisine loved by locals as they consider it in their regular meal. Outside Italy, it's hard to find good quality risotto. Only expensive restaurants serve different variants of risotto that are also questioned for their authentic ingredients. This rice dish was first recorded in the history of Lombardy in 1809. Rice, broth, butter, white wine, parmesan cheese and onion are the basic ingredients of all risotto recipes. With time, it has evolved a lot with different names such as risotto alla zucca, risotto alla pilota and risotto al bolo. Finding the most appropriate risotto rice and other native ingredients is very difficult in the local market. Therefore, we are assorting all the ingredients in single packing for delivery. Scroll down to know more about the organic risotto rice products available here for sale.

Are you a mushroom lover? If yes, Organic Risotto Rice with Mushrooms by Borgo de' Medici - 7.7 oz is a perfect option for stimulating your tastebuds. This whole Italian product includes organic rice, organic porcini mushrooms, organic onion, organic garlic, organic carrots and organic parsley. Those who don't like mushrooms can go with the option of Organic Risotto Rice with Vegetables by Borgo de' Medici - 7.7 oz. This packing includes organic rice along with tomatoes, carrots, onions, bell pepper and chive. Both products belong to Borgo de' Medici brand which has a good reputation in the native Italian markets.

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