Rigatoni Pasta

There is a slight difference between penne and rigatoni pasta appearance. The cylindrical shape of rigatoni pasta without pointed edges differentiate it from other variants. It is one of the most famous pasta shapes in the world that you can use for preparing different types of dishes. Either you can use it for making pasta salad, arrabbiata or pesto. The simple shape is the main reason why we can use a rigatoni pasta variant for different types of authentic and exotic dishes. These universally compatible pasta variants test best when you buy from an Italian brand. We are talking about buying it raw from the native companies of Italy. Our Italian food online store can make it possible in just a few seconds. In the pasta gallery of our website, rigatoni pasta is available in two different variants as we are mentioning below.

We always take utmost care of quality thus, supply the pasta products of leading Italian brands trading internationally. The rigatoni pasta shape variants available here are made by De Cecco and Gentile companies. You can order Rigatoni Pasta di Gragnano by Pastificio Gentile or Rigatoni Pasta from Italy by De Cecco. Both of them are almost the same from appearance and taste. Also, both of them are available in almost the same quantities. However, the price of Gentile brand rigatoni pasta for sale is double. Organic ingredients, high-quality precision and attractive packing are some reasons why you may need to spend some extra pennies to buy rigatoni pasta from Gentile brand.

Save some authentic Italian recipes on your smartphone and explore our website to explore the ingredients. We feel happy to assist you with any kind of concern related to the right product selection or other order-related queries.