Regioni d'Italia

The authentic Italian brand Regioni d'Italia is presenting the savory flavor of basil pesto to stimulate your taste buds. This is the original product of Italy made with blending some appetizing ingredients. It is a balanced sauce of fresh basil infused with garlic and cheese. Talking about the complete list of ingredients, Regioni d'Italia has added Grana Padano parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Its intense aroma with mild sweetness adds distinctive flavor that you have never experienced in any cuisine. Add it to your favorite pasta recipe for an unbelievable experience.

The Italian Food Online Store is bringing this amazing flavor of pesto direct to your dining table through online delivery channels. No matter whether you are living in Italy or somewhere outside, add this sauce in your cart and place the order with an attractive discounted price. The Basil Pesto by Regioni d'Italia is a perfect option to choose for everyday meals or special occasions such as parties or holiday celebrations. Surprise your guests with something new in the same pasta variant.

Currently, we only have this pesto sauce in the Regioni d'Italia products list. Waiting for your reviews and ratings.