For the admirers of Italian Grissini breadsticks, Real Torino brings its signature Grissini snack by Real Torino to Italian Food Online Store. At the online shop, customers can get one of the widely popular Real Torino Italian products at a cost-effective price. The delicious breadsticks carrying rich aroma make a perfect delicacy to enjoy on different occasions. They can be enjoyed as a snack, dip, or combined with soups.

Real Torino is a famous Italian brand that makes a range of food products using high-quality ingredients and traditional recipes of the brand. Grissini breadsticks are an extremely popular product by the Italy-based brand. It is liked by people in Italy as well as Italian food lovers in other parts of the world.

Grissini breadsticks by Real Torino are thin stretched breadsticks known for their rich taste and delicate aroma. Made using quality ingredients, the breadsticks by Real Torino are coated with pure extra virgin olive oil. Also, the traditional baking methods of the brand are followed to prepare the snack.

Grissini breadsticks by Real Torino at Italian Food Online Store are freshly-baked products that come directly from the brand’s facility in Italy. Customers can order Italian snacks online and receive them fresh at their doorstep.