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Add Italian delicacy to your bake treats with wheat grains by Vittoria. A jar of pre-cooked wheat grains at Italian Food Online Store allows international chefs to produce Italian pies, tarts, and bake treats like an Italian.

Grano Cotto by Vittoria can be used in many Italian recipes to add a unique but delicious taste to them. Vittoria pre-cooked wheat grains are an ideal product to prepare a base for the traditional Neapolitan pastiera. Also, the Italian product can be used as an ingredient to make Italian Easter pie or Pastiera Napoletana.

Italian Food Online Store has been selling Vittoria products for a long time and often receives positive reviews from customers, thanks to the product quality. The brand makes its products in its facility in Italy using traditional recipes. In addition, the company has experienced professionals who have been working on wheat grain products by Vittoria for a long time.

Italian Food Online Store gets Vittoria pre-cooked wheat grains directly from the store’s facility in Italy and provides them to people in different parts of the world who order them. These are genuine products at a cost-effective price.

Explore Vittoria at Italian Food Online Store and order quality pre-cooked wheat grains to receive the jar at your doorstep.