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Pietro Coricelli is a renowned brand name in Italian cuisine that produces the best quality olive oil of multiple varieties. Olive oil is one of the primary requirements for every health-conscious person. If you care for every single factor affecting the cardiovascular system, put your regular diet on olive oil.

Since 1939, this company is extracting olive oils and selling its variants including extra virgin, organic, pure olive, olive pomace, and infiltered extra virgin olive oil. Not only oils but Pietro Coricelli is also selling ethanol & condiments made up of olives.

This is a dedicated Italian food store where you can also expect different varieties of pasta, pasta sauces and canned tomatoes. Along with their products, you can also learn authentic recipes to prepare Italian dishes easily at home.

If you are looking for the purest form of olive oil, it is advisable to go with the option of Umbrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Not only olives but they also extract white truffle oil to cook vegetables with a distinctive flavor.

Both of these premium quality variants are currently available at the Italian Food Online Store. Check the delivery options in your area and attractive discounts while ordering.