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Perugina has a couple of surprises for people having sweet tooth for chocolates. This is one of the most reputed brands in Italy known for doing marvelous experiments in improving chocolate flavors. They are running a special chocolate school for discovering the hidden secrets of cocoa beans including Baci Original Dark Chocolate and almonds chocolate.

With continuous learning from various experiments, they have presented some of the most appetizing variants in the market. Currently, Italian Food Online Store is a leading seller of their products such as extra dark chocolate by Perugina, original dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate with almonds, limoncello bar, cappuccino chocolate bar, Orangello chocolate bar & hazelnut milk chocolate bar.

If you are a dark chocolate lover, Perugina is the right brand to satisfy your craving. The darkest chocolate variants of this brand contain a maximum of 85% pure cocoa. For mild flavor lovers, they have a special treat infused with hazelnuts, orange and Almonds Dark Chocolate.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of exisiting chocolates available in the market or looking for a change, we recommend ordering all these variants from the Italian Food Online Store. You will get free delivery & surprising gifts options.