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Italian snacks have a distinctive place in our homes because of their savory flavors. The authentic brand Pavesi is presenting a complete range of mouthwatering snacks including crackers, biscuits & cookies.

This brand is specifically known for manufacturing the best quality snacks comprising high nutrition value and low calories. All original classic Pavesini snack variants are available on Italia Food Online Store. You can assort them in the shopping cart and place an order at an attractive discounted price.

Right now, our online store is presenting 10 different variants of Pavesi brand including light salted crackers, biscuit cookies, chocolate cookies, milk cream cookies, salted crackers, vanilla cream cookies, rosemary crackers, original classic Pavesini snacks and tomato crackers by Pavesi.

All Italian snacks by Pavesi are made with fresh ingredients and great consistency to maintain the crisp. Check the nutrition value before placing your order to be sure about their benefits for health.

Finding them in your locality is not always possible because original Italian brands are hard to find. Therefore, our online store is delivering them right to your home at a very affordable price. Enjoy healthy snacking with distinctive flavors of tomato & Rosemary Crackers by Pavesi.